Comfortable. Convenient. Cost-effective.

Designed for the ultimate in comfort, Comfit mouthpieces are the low-cost alternatives to other mouthpieces. An exceptional leak-proof seal assures better test results. And the versatile design fits most PFT valves and filters. Disposable or reusable models.



ComFit D

Comfit D
  • Soft, latex-free rubber eliminates risk of allergic reaction
  • Center support prevents airflow restriction
  • Rims dip to comfortably accommodate the frenula



Comfit™ Mouthpieces

     Part No.  Description  Qty  Packaging
ComFit D      29-7710-025 Comfit™ D - Disposable Mouthpiece 25 Box
   29-7710-050 Comfit™ D - Disposable Mouthpiece 50 Box
     Part No.  Description  Qty  Packaging



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